Getting started with HTML

How to program in HTML
Let's begin by discussing how to implement and test HTML code. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and HTML is used in almost every website you see on the internet. Unlike many other programming languages, HTML is often not programmed in an IDE (integrated development environment). Instead, you can simply program HTML in your computer's native text-editing application! For Windows users, this program is Microsoft Notepad, and Mac users can use TextEdit. *It's important to note that if you are using TextEdit on a Mac, make sure to enable plain text editing (Format → Make Plain Text). Once either of these programs are open, you're ready to start programming in HTML!.
How to test HTML code
First, it's important that before we continue, you must make sure to save every html document with a .html file extension name. This lets your computer know that the file you're writing in is an HTML document. Now, to test out an HTML document, all you have to do is open the document in a browser of your choice! On most computers, this can be accomplished by right-clicking your file and selecting "Open With", and selecting your preferred browser. That all there is to it! You're one step closer to becoming a website master.