Using HTML Tags

What are HTML tags?
Everything in HTML is written using tags. Even this very website was written using tags! Tags are used to describe different parts of a website. Tags are always nested when creating websites. There are hundreds of tags used in HTML, but using tags becomes very simple once you know the basics!
What's in an HTML tag?
Here's an example of a tag that we'll deconstruct to better understand how to use an HTML tag.
<h1> Header Text </h1>

In the example above, we see three main components. The first part
is the opening part of an HTML tag. This is where you establish what type of tag will be used and what will be displayed in your website. Every opening tag begins with a less-than sign, and ends with a greater-than sign, with the tag type in between (in this case, h1 is the tag type). The last part
is the closing tag, and is used to denote the end of a specific HTML tag section. In other words, the closing tag is used when you're done using the original opening tag. The closing tag is always the same as the opening tag, except for the addition of a slash right after the less-than sign.
Finally, space in between the opening and closing tag describes the text that will be displayed within that tag in your webpage. In the example above, the tag type h1 represents a header in a website. Therefore, whatever is within the opening and closing tag will be displayed as a header in the resulting website.