HTML tag examples

Different types of HTML tags
Here are some examples of commonly used HTML tags
<html> </html>
: Used in the beginning and end of all other HTML code
<head> </head>
: Used right after the
tag to describe features of your website (page name, CSS documents, website descriptions, etc.)
<title> </title>
: Used within the
tag to set the title of the webpage
<body> </body>
: Used around the main page in each website
<h1> </h1>
: Used to create headings in a webpage
<p> </p>
: Used for writing paragraphs
<!-- -->
: Used to write comments in your HTML code, won't be displayed in final webpage
Using tags in an example
Below, we've included an HTML page using the example tags from above. Test out your skills by changing some of the text within the tags, or by adding your own tags!